Image compression as a SaaS or licensed. Processing queued or realtime.

Awesome Features

Host, manage and process files all in one place

SandCage is the only service that caters to all of your file needs in one place. Its a seamless solution to manage, process, host & deliver your static file assets. You can link your own hosting solution or use SandCage to host and deliver your files.

File level stats and analytics

SandCage is data-driven, helping you learn from your file assets. Our reporting tools will tell you which files are the most popular, where were they accessed from, which websites were they accessed from and much more.

Open API and fully documented libraries

Integrate with our API to link your site and your file hosting solution. Create on demand and scheduled tasks. Improve and optimize your site performance and back end services.

Your privacy and security matters

At SandCage, the security and privacy of your data is our highest priority. Our team is using the best tools and engineering practices available to build and maintain SandCage. SandCage is guarded by multiple layers of security to protect and back up your files.